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Developing leadership potential and performance
Whatever you have 'in the works' -  starting or expanding a business, a new project, writing a book, a breakthrough in your creative or professional life - we can help you re-vision your path and start taking action.
We provide the clarity and perspective needed to build a clear vision for the way forward - personally and in your career - helping develop positive relationships, productive work and life skills, and a creative approach to challenges and change.
 leadership, leader +ship (n.): one who leads
From the old English lædere , "to guide, conduct...cause to go with  oneself;  go before as a guide,   accompany  and show the way; bring  forth".                            (Courtesy of the Online Etymology Dictionary)  
coach (v.): to convey, to train, to travel, to prepare
From the Hungarian kocsi , after the village of  Kocs, where the first coaches  were made.     (Courtesy of the Online Etymology Dictionary)   
There is no certainty;
there is only adventure
Roberto Assagioli  (1888-1974)