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About Us

My work as a coach is grounded in the belief that everyone can develop their own potential and transform. My training is based in the work of Roberto Assagioli, who held that each human being is striving to access a fuller sense of self and higher potential.    

Kathleen White

I have an international background in business, academia, the media and publishing. I am fascinated with understanding how to work with the creative flow and how to manage change. My own journey has taken me from a degree in classical music into journalism and PR, and then into founding & managing a business that designed equipment for live music events. Since then, I've taught high school music and art, completed a diploma in therapeutic bodywork and a Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Astronomy. This last was an interdisciplinary feast, exploring humanity's relationship with the cosmos, as seen through science, religion, philosophy, archaeology, art and literature. All of this informs my work as a coach - where are you stuck? What are your core values? What has most meaning for you? How are you expressing that!

Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction.  Unknown