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Coaching individuals

Three-month Re-set. A series of two-hour sessions held twice a month over a period of three months. A good option for those who want to start to positively manage their career prospects. A thorough review of your current situation and where you have come from, with the aim of mapping out future career moves. 

Six Session Intensive. Six hourly sessions held over a period of six weeks, designed to focus on a particular issue. Intended to clear 'blocks', re-vision a specific project, and restore clarity and confidence. 

The journey of a thousand miles 
begins with one step. 
Lao Tzu  (6th century BCE)  

Mind-Body-Spirit. A combination of coaching, individual yoga sessions, and bodywork. Five coaching sessions held over five or ten weeks (one two hour session followed by four one-hour sessions)  combined with three one-hour private yoga sessions to help activate basic fitness and mindfulness practices. The final coaching session runs two hours and includes an hour of Zero Balancing to balance and align body, mind and spirit. A 30-minute phone or Skype follow-up is provided two weeks after the last session.